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X-Ray Machines and walk-through / hand-held Metal Detectors:

 If you have a high security or risk area, it's always advisable to install X-Ray machines and / or metal detectors. This ensures that no illicit, illegal or unwanted items enter (or leave) your site.

X-Ray machines come in many different shapes and sizes. The most common are those as used at airports and other national key points for inspecting baggage and items of a personal affect.

We work closely with a number of importers to ensure that the best machine for your application and budget. Remember, it is a requirement from the department of health to have a radiation certificate issued for every machine installed and regular maintenance remains imperative.

Metal detectors come basically in 2 forms – walk-through and hand-held. For low volume areas, a hand-held device would be sufficient but the general practice is to have persons walk through a metal detector which will indicate what area on person by the use of LED lights that potentially has more metal than “normal” or acceptable by your security standards. In this case, the person is asked to step aside and the hand-held device is utilised to pinpoint the area where the offending object is located.

We offer full officer training in both these disciplines in terms of not only basic equipment handling but also how to deal with members of the public to ensure they don't feel “violated” or mistreated by your security personnel.


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