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Motorised and manual vehicle booms and barriers including spike barriers:

Vehicles coming on to site can always be a problem. It brings with opportunities for theft, damage to property and persons and if not controlled properly can become a major headache. We offer a range of products to suit your environment and requirements from manual to motorise booms and spike barriers. Here is some detail on the various options with their pros and cons:

Manual Booms: This is the most cost effective from a once-off cost perspective but the on-going and permanent requirement to have a manual boom manned can become costly in the long run. If, however, you have a guard stationed at your entrance regardless, then this does not become an issue but then also no record is kept of who went in / out and when.

Motorised Booms: Motorised booms are the most popular as they do not have to be permanently manned and they you will have a record of who came in / out if coupled to an access control system. Even if you have a guard stationed at a motorised boom, the information of movement may be critical to business.

Spike Barriers: If you have a very high risk area and cannot afford for someone to simply drive through your boom pole, the next best solution is a spike barrier. These are retractable spikes which will shred a cars tyres is a vehicle tries to drive over them. The barriers can either be flush mount (which requires a bit of civil work) or mounted on top a solid road surface.

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