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Turnstiles of various finishes, sizes and applications

Turnstiles are the perennial favourite in controlling pedestrian access. The obvious advantage to a turnstile is that it limits the quantity of persons entering your premises simultaneously and you have an exacting record of who came in and when.

Turnstiles come in many different shapes, sizes and finishes - each with their own specific application. The most common for perimeter and industrial / large commercial applications is a full-height turnstile.

Depending on the manufacturer, the average height is about 2.1 meters and around 1.4 meters for a single and around 2.2 meters for a double turnstile. They come in many different flavours as well and finishes are either powder-coated (where rust is not an issue and aesthetics are required), galvanised (where rust is a potential problem and aesthetics is not as important) or stainless steel (very close to the ocean, food manufacturing or high aesthetic value areas) .

Turnstiles also come in half height or waist heigh and there are a number of different products available for more corporate environments and where aesthetics important. Fishes can include glass, stainless steel and other materials to add to the appeal. It is always important to remember that it's what on the inside of a turnstile that is important if you look at the lifetime cost of ownership of these products. Here are some of the products which are able to offer as well:

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