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Biometric Access Control and Time & Attendance Software

There are many different software packages out there some focusing just on Time and Attendance, others mainly on Access Control and some which integrate the two.

Each organisation is different in its requirements so to assist you to make the right choice, we'll ensure we go through all your requirements and find the best product to meet your exacting requirements. We'll help guide you through all the technical terminologies associated with access control such as anti-passback, mustering points, parading and other terms you may not be familiar with.

Many manufacturers release their own version of software which is often free but sometimes a bit limited in its functionality. We will evaluate your exacting requirements and guide you towards the platform which best suits your environment, your requirements and budget.

Software which we supply, install and can support include:
•  Paxton (Access Control with basic T&A)- integrated with Jarrison T&A
•  Impro (Access Control)
•  Jarrison Time (Time & Attendance only)
•  RBH Axiom (Access Control)
•  Suprema Biostar (Access Control with T&A)
•  Softcon
•  ZK-Teco
•  SACO (Access Control and integrated T&A)

Click on the images below for more info on these software options
Paxton Access Software Impro software Softcon Software RBH Axiom Software ZK Teco Software Jarrison Time Suprema Software
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