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In the current energy crisis we find ourselves, we can no longer remain oblivious to the fact that Eskom simply does not have the capacity, skills, finance or other requirements to ensure the lights are kept on 24/7.

This has a direct detrimental impact on your business or personal life and could possibly leave your security solution vulnerable when the power goes out.

You may also just want to do your bit to help the environment (and Eskom) to reduce your energy consumption. You may find people simply forget to turn of air-conditioners or other non-essential power draining items.

It may be essential for you to keep your PCs, network, security systems, electric fence or other essentials going as not to lose productivity from your staff.

If you require perimeter lighting, we are able to supply and install a range of LED lighting solutions which will not only increase your security but will decrease your electricity bill over conventional security lighting. You can also combine the infrared (IR) illuminators with your security lighting to give you a higher level of security with reduced power usage.

We have a range of products and suppliers we work with to ensure that you are taken care of in the event of load-sheading or other power interruptions which may leave you vulnerable.

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