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Electromagnetic locks, Striker Locks and other ironmongery such as door closers, push bars etc. and Access Control Peripherals:

The most cost effective way to secure a door / gate is through the use of an electro-magnetic lock or simply maglock. The most common “size” is a 300 Kg - which means the magnet will require 300 Kg of force before it separates. Smaller units are available but not used as much but larger units (500 to 600 Kg) are more regularly used on exterior gates where more leverage is available or on heavy safe doors or high risk areas.

Magnetic locks require permanent power in order to operate and thus you should always ensure you have a battery backed up power supply to ensure the door stays locked even when there is no power. Remember also to ensure that an emergency break glass unit is also installed with your maglock so that people can exit in the event of an emergency.

An alternate to a magnetic lock is a strike lock but these are often very cumbersome to install and are not very appealing to the eye. The most common types “stay” locked and unlock when given power. Thus they are mostly used on exterior or perimeter gates /doors from a security aspect. To ensure that your door or gate remains closed at all times, we always fit a door closer. We have either light duty, medium duty and heavy duty door closers. This refers to both the weight of the door or gate that need to be closed as well as the frequency of use.

Push bars are usually installed on emergency exit doors and can be linked to an alarm or fire alarm to ensure that improper use does not occur or that others are warned in the event of a fire. Generally most fire systems require what is known as a “double-knock” i.e. at least 2 devices (fire / heat / smoke) detectors have to have detected a fire in order to raise an alarm but push bars and red, fire break glass units (or also known as manual call points) would send an alarm panel into an immediate “double-knock” status.
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