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License Plate Recognition (LPR):

License Plate Recognition or simply LPR software captures images from a vehicle's number plate and “recognises" the letters and numbers with a fair amount of accuracy and stores it in a log file.

Depending on the application, LPR is generally used at security estates and business complexes to accurately capture the number plates of vehicles entering and exiting their sites.

Suspicious or “flagged” number plates can also be entered into certain systems and if that number plate comes up, an alert can be flagged.

Proper LPR Software and hardware does come at a price though and to accurately capture driver and/ or full vehicle details, it would be better to use a Visitor management system – if you security personnel manning your entrance.

It's always advisable to have a camera installed in such a way that it can read a number plates regardless of LPR software but if the volumes of vehicles entering your site is large enough to mitigate risk, LPR software would always be advisable. Do note that you would require a fairly high resolution camera for this application though.

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