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Large-scale and IP based Intercom Solutions.

When it comes to large application intercom solutions, the most common type installed are IP based. This brings your overall cost of installation down as the systems can run over your existing data network as they are not bandwidth intensive.

The Paxton Net Entry 2 is simple to use, robust and aesthetically very pleasing. It also comes with a 1 MP built in camera to ensure you're seeing a clear image of who is at your entrance with the optional extra input for a 2 nd standard IP camera to get an overview of your entrance to ensure no one is hiding from site or that the person at the entrance is not under duress.

We are also able to offer from simple, 2-wire, home-based voice only intercom systems to large-scale muti-entry and receiving station voice and video solutions.

If you have a challening installation or require the receiving station to be "mobile, we can also offer a wireless, handheld receiver which works on a rechargable receiver.


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