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Conventional Fire Systems:

Smaller buildings and applications would probably opt for a “conventional” fire-detection system as these are far more cost effective to buy and because they are fairly simple to install, the cost of installation is usually lower.

Conventional fire detection systems typically work on a 2, 4, 8 or 16 loop (or zones) configuration. Devices are connected to the panel using fire-resistant cable and if a fire or smoke is detected, the fire panel will go into alarm mode. The alarm will alert you as to what area (zone) the fire is coming from but this could be as vague as “4 th floor"

Depending on the type of system, usually 15 to 20 devices can be installed per loop.

It is still important to service and test your fire detection system at least once a year if not more frequently. We would reccomend a maintenance plan and Service Level Agreement (SLA) for your fire detection systems.

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