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Fire Detection and Gas Suppression Systems:

It has become an absolute requirement from the South African government for fire protection on buildings which meet certain criteria. The rules around fire detection are stringent and it is essential to ensure your facility remains compliant. This will reduce your overall risk and ensure if the worst happens, you are not disadvantaged from an insurance perspective.

The most common types of fire detection systems available are conventional and addressable systems but all Fire detection systems comprise of the following basic components:

•  Control panel – this is the main control unit and will indicate if there are any faults on the line or where the fire / smoke is.

•  Cable – it has become part of the new SANS building code that a particular type of fire resistant cable needs to be utilised. Known as PH120 will last for 2 hours at 900° Celsius. If you are planning a new installation this type of cable has to be used to remain compliant.

•  Devices – the most common devices include: - Optical smoke detectors - Heat detectors - Manual call points (red “break in an emergency” box”) - Sounders / strobes - There are other devices for more specialised applications such as beams and rise-of-heat detectors but these are only used in very specific applications.

Gas suppression systems are typically used in smaller areas where high-value and sensitive equipment is housed such as a server room or where water could possibly add to the problem of the fire such as in an electrical distribution room.
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