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Biometric Access Control & Time Attendance:

Biometrics is usually associated with the measurement and use of unique physiological characteristics to identify an individual such as fingerprints, voice, DNA or the iris. Biometrics are popular as they are unique, quantifiable and near impossible to replicate. From a reliability and cost point of view, fingerprint biometrics remain the firm favorite in the industry.

Biometrics have become immensely popular in South Africa over the last decade or so as it eliminates possible fraudulent activity on your site with regards to Access Control and Time & Attendance as people cannot “clock in” for their buddy or give a person of a dubious nature their access card to get into your facility.

The main advantage of biometrics over smart cards is that a person cannon lose, swap or forget their fingerprints at home. Administration around issuing lost or stolen cards is reduced and security is enhanced.

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