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Access Control is critical to security of any property. If the wrong people are kept out for a start, shrinkages, vandalism, theft and the like will be reduced.

Link this with Time & Attendance and you have a useful system which you can log staff hours and pay staff and contractors the amount they should be paid.

Let us guide you to ensure that the product you're getting is reliable, up to date, well supported and fits your budget. We have solutions for small, single door stand-alone requirements right up to enterprise level, multi-site large systems.

We work with a number of different suppliers and products and will assure you get the most bang for your buck when making your selection of product. We take all factors into consideration including number of staff required to use the system, the type of environment the products will be deployed in, the exacting needs of your requirements to ensure you're not paying for something you don't need or not getting what you expected from the product.

Our solutions are varied and we fully support and install various types of devices and peripherals to ensure you receive maximum performance from your systems.


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